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Item # QTET0R

Qtica Extending Top Coat 0.25oz

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What is Qtica Extending Top Coat
What Qtica Extending Top Coat Does
How to Use Qtica Extending Top Coat

A highly flexible, and durable nail polish topcoat that dries nail polish ultra fast, gives 5-7 day protection against chipping and leaves a brilliant shine.
Five to seven days of chip-free nail polish isn't a fantasy. It's a reality with QTICA Extending Top Coat. Amino acids create flexibility, allowing polish to bend with the nail and preventing chipping and cracking. Polyurethane ensures high shine and long wear, even on natural nails. The result is a dazzling finish that holds polish while protecting your manicure from everyday wear and tear. The most advanced nail polish topcoat ever created.
Professional Use: Apply one coat after base coat and two coats of ZOYA nail polish. Finish with QTICA Half Time Polish Drying Accelerator drops for lightning fast drying.